Maxime Tremblay has been involved with the Association des Residents du Plateau for 7 years, 3 of which as president.

Maxime Tremblay was the founder of the Plateau Teen Dances and the Plateau Teen Center.

Maxime Tremblay is a member of the Optimist Club of Hull.

During the last 4 years Maxime Tremblay raised over $400 000 in sponsorship for the Hull Hospital, the Optimist Club and the Association des résidents du Plateau.

Maxime Tremblay created and is the current chairman of the City of Gatineau’s new Spendings Oversight Committee.
Dear citizens,
I welcome you on the Plateau district website. You will find several relevant links and information, including a chart tracking the various issues arising from the Plateau Platform.

My priority has always been to quickly and efficiently serve my fellow citizens. During my first term serving the people of Plateau, I contributed to the success of several projects such as connecting boulevards Des Grives and Allumetières, the construction of the path 'Des Fées', two Communauto stations, installation of belts cycle as well as innovative new business development entitled "Heart of the village". In addition, for the city, I convinced the city council to create a new review board expenses and services and make public the study budget. I also got a $ 50,000 grant from the Quebec government to establish an action plan to implement a system of management of road safety. I am involved in many issues, such as maintaining the fire station in the Plateau and the passage of emergency vehicles on the stretch of Gamelin Street.

Last year, I was the first city councilor to set up an alert for residents of Plateau to receive notifications when zoning changes or minor dérogations. Now Gatineau offers this new service to all its citizens at the following address:

This year, I am pleased to make available on my website a Plateau district map with zoning and density planned for future projects. You can view the map by clicking the following link:

I also invite you to follow the news daily through my Facebook group.

My goal for the next mandate :


I invite you to visit my website. I look forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions.

Hope to meet you soon.

Maxime Tremblay
City councillor
Plateau district
The Plateau at the heart of our priorities!

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